Psychology 240

Stem and leaf displays - These displays break each number down into a lef part called the stem and a right part called the leaf. That is, from years 0 to 10, there is a strong positive correlation between age and height.

Psychology 240 Exam 2

Suppose that in one study we look for a correlation between age and height, but we only test 0 to 10 yr olds. What percent of the group got this value for X.

Psychology 240 Exam 2

Science is much more complicated now than it was twenty years ago -- I sometimes still reread sections of atricle 3 times before I get it. Oswald submits her study for publication in a scientific journal.

Elder conducted a factorial design. Is random assignment affecting the findings. To make his study a 2 x 2 x 3 factorial design, which of the following would Dr.

This could potentially result in which of the following.

Which of the following questions would you be asking. Why is there a publication bias against null effects i. Schulenberg Psychology 240 designed his study so that neither he nor his students knew which group they were in to address which of the following. Oswald will be most able to accurately predict life satisfaction from the experience of daily stress because: How many cells are in his study.

Note that the articles will be sometimes be technical and you may have to reread the whole article or sections of it 2 or 3 times before you understand it.

Marital satisfaction Which of the following is the mediating variable in Dr. Because correlation 3 is significant but 4 is not, Dr. A bar graph is used when the data are measured on a nominal or an ordinal scale.

Which of the following is the correct factorial notion for Dr. Noting that there is a difference between number of words recalled by happy and neutral people Which of the following allows Dr. Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences: Bloedorn address which of the following threats to internal validity.

But, notice that the correlation is not perfect, so we know that we may be off by a bit. How much of the total group got this value for X.

We'll be talking about central tendency roughly, the center of the distribution and variability how broad is the distribution in future chapters.

Grouped frequency distribution tables. So to get a measure of the deviation we need to subtract the population mean from every individual in our distribution. The standard deviation is the most popular and most important measure of variability. How reliable is the measure of daily stress.

Lonsbary to conclude that she met the covariance rule for causality. But we also know that we'll be close.

If one of the peer reviewers is concerned about the external validity of her study, which of the following is the most important aspect of Dr. In essence, the standard deviation measures how far off all of the individuals in the distribution are from a standard, where that standard is the mean of the distribution.

A null effect Dr. View Test Prep - Psychology - Chapter 5 Online Quiz, attempt 3 from PSY at University of New Mexico. Question 1 10 out of 10 points Which of the following type of lesions are most likely to. Chapter Correlation and Regression Correlation is a statistical technique that measures and describes the relationship between two variables.

Notice that this means that there must be at least two scores from each individual, one for each of the two variables. Williams—Psy – Introduction to Social Psychology 2 Schedule of Topics and Readings for Lecture This schedule is only an approximation.

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Psychology 240
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